five ingredient snack; five hundred possibilities

So this is the number one food item I’ve been asked about. As a runner, I’m always on the lookout for snack bites — something that’s a little sweet but not too sweet, sticks to my stomach, and is nutrient dense. I need it to hit the spot but not be soooo good that I eat the whole bag, and I for sure don’t want empty calories. So my eyes lit up when I came upon this photo posted by on my Instagram feed. Continue reading “five ingredient snack; five hundred possibilities”

How An Average Runner Qualified for the Boston Marathon: My Road to BQ (Part 1 of 5)

“You’ll never be able to do that.”

Those were the words that flew out of my good friend’s mouth when I told him that my goal was to run a sub-4:00 marathon. In his defense, nothing in my running career would indicate I could run that fast, plus it was early morning, and I think he just didn’t have as much brain-to-mouth control. Regardless, his words fueled me. Continue reading “How An Average Runner Qualified for the Boston Marathon: My Road to BQ (Part 1 of 5)”

Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon

So this is another late (but only by a month!) race recap. Also, I basically copied it from my Instagram post. I wish I could add some nuance or a fresh take to this recap, but I have to get to the gym before it’s too late. Anyway, if you don’t follow me on IG, then here’s the recap! Continue reading “Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon”

Race Recap: Ladin Subaru Love Run 10K

First of all, I am so happy to get this race recap in before the one-year anniversary of its running. I don’t even hardly remember this race. This is mostly a dot the “Is” and cross the “Ts” post…’cuz Type-A. So if you enjoy race recaps comprised of disjointed thoughts and fuzzy recollections, then read on! Continue reading “Race Recap: Ladin Subaru Love Run 10K”