No one’s asked me a question yet — much less frequently — so I made these up.

Q: I thought this was a running blog. What is all this random stuff under “Halo-Halo”?!?” Also, what the hell is a Halo-Halo?

A: It is (a running blog). But I think about other things besides running, or I think about things when I’m running, or my thinking just runs. I wrote a whole post on halo-halo, but here’s the short version: “halo-halo” is mix-mix in Tagalog and basically anything not having to do with running is under this category.

Q: Who is this “FMC” person you keep referring to in your running posts?

A: French Master Clairvoyant? Fabulous Mystery Chef? Mmmm, no, but I would like those too. In my case, FMC is shorthand for friend/mentor/coach. I don’t have an official coach (i.e., my FMC gets no compensation other than “thanks!”), but my friend acts like a mentor/coach to me. It is informal and there’s no set check-in time. My FMC is certified as a coach, and I’ve watched her go from normal runner to super speedy, so I trust her judgment. I’m incredibly lucky and hope you can find your own FMC!

Q: You claim to have the body of a hobbit. How short are you?

A: It says I’m 5’1″ on my driver’s license. It’s a lie.

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