Training Week: April 1-April 7

My next handful of races are all 5K and 10K distance. One of the things that may have been tripping me up is my inability to commit to training specifically for these shorter distances. I was all over the place with what distance I wanted to do, telling my coach I wouldn’t mind being able to try to run a fast 100m race. Well, that is entirely different training and counterproductive to running a strong 5K and 10K. On the other end, I had my sights on a strong half marathon race at the end of May, so I was hoping to fold in the shorter distances into my training schedule, but again, not really committed to any of these in particular. Not only did I not take into account that I would have to have a particular race strategy, but also my training would have to be different. So this week I finally made the commitment to train for these shorter distances specifically for the next few months. Here’s how it went.

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Training Week: March 11-March 17

Back to it with Trainer. Started the week with a four-mile base run at 8:51 pace before the sun came up (thank you, daylight savings sheesh). Then core, upper body, and prehab session with Trainer. For the footwork drills, we do 2-3 sets of each, and even though the pattern is similar, it gets changed up slightly each set, so it hits different parts of the leg (e.g., one set I hop laterally, the other forward and back).

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